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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

We hope you have had an amazing summer. 

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Sport Relief Day 2018
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Year 1 Tree Planting at Cotgrave Country Park

What a lovely time we all had planting the trees on Wednesday! We had an interesting talk by Ernie from Friends of Cotgrave Country Park all about trees. We were then taught how to dig the hole, plant the tree and cover it with a spiral guard to protect it from rabbits! 400 trees (such as Oak, Willow, Maple and Cherry) were planted! It is amazing to think that these trees will still be there in hundreds of years!

Tree Planting!

Tree Planting! 1
Tree Planting! 2
Tree Planting! 3
Tree Planting! 4
Tree Planting! 5
Tree Planting! 6
Tree Planting! 7
Tree Planting! 8
Tree Planting! 9

Science Week 1CW

We have been discussing Water Aid and the fact that in many areas of the World, people don't have access to clean water.

After designing our own containers for carrying water we were given a container with a hole in it! How could we fix it to carry water?

Lots of problem solving followed and testing and improving our ideas. Well done everyone!

Mother's Day Poem 1B

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Mother's Day Poem 1C

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