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Looking for different ways to practise spellings at home? Use this link for 20 fun suggestions.


To be practised for the 16th October
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To be practised for 9th October 2018:

double the last consonant when adding ‘ing’ ‘ed’ ‘est’ or ‘er

pat - patting - patted

hum - humming - hummed

drop - dropping - dropped

sad - sadder - saddest

fat - fatter - fattest

To be practised for Tuesday 2nd October

We are consolidating the learning of spellings from the last 2 weeks. Here are a summary of the rules for adding 'ous' suffix.

Check out the full pages at https://www.spellzone.com/unit29/page4.cfm 



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To be practised by 25th September
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To be practised by 18th September


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