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Reading Ideas

We encourage the children to read at least 3 times a week at home. Please try and ask the children comprehension questions based on what they have read. 


It's great to read a range of materials as well your child's school reading book. There are some ideas here:

  • Magazines 
  • Comics
  • Research topic work on a computer/tablet e.g. an animal from the rainforest 
  • Poems


Please encourage your child to tell their teacher when they have read so that we can celebrate this in school. 

We are loving Roald Dahl in Year 3. 

As our class stories, we are really enjoying reading Roald Dahl books. In 3W, we are having a 'whoppsy good time' reading The BFG, and in 3S we are being revolting at The Twits. These types of stories are lots of fun to share at home. 

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Picture 2

Our current topic book is Escape From Pompeii 

This book is about two children living in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupts. Ask your child whether the story has a happy ending or not... 

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Our Rainforest Book 

The children loved learning about the rainforest. The book below, The Great Kapok Tree, was a brilliant way of exploring the issues in the rainforest such as deforestation. See if you can find a copy in the library to enjoy it at home. 

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