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INSET Days Friday 15th February & Monday 25th February.

Half Term school closed 18th-22nd February.


Return to school Tuesday 26th February.


E Safety info


Online Safety App (Internet Matters)
Aimed at children ages 8-10, this has been around for about a year but it's worth sending the link out to your parents just in case they're not aware. The app looks to take the parent/carer and the child through a range of 9 different online safety subjects and questions together, which each person answers individually. Its strength is that it opens up dialogue between the adult and child. See HERE for further information.

Battle Royale
Whilst Fortnite is the game that everyone seems to be talking about, the game 'mode' you need to be aware of is 'Battle Royale'. This is the aspect that pitches you against many other users: a fight to the death. Battle Royale mode in games is starting to become pretty popular; a few months ago we had Call of Duty 4 Black Ops 4 which introduced a Battle Royale mode, and now, one of the biggest selling games (18 rated) around the world is Red Dead Redemption 2 which has just released a Battle Royale mode. See HERE for more info.

Parents - What to do if you have a problem

Take a look at the Stikins link on the home page of our website.

take advantage of being able to order personalised labels for your children's clothes & help us to raise funds.

our school code is 5070

The labels don't have to be sewn in or ironed on. Ask to see a sample in reception.

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3 apps that parents should know about


E-safety magazine from Alan Mackenzie

#DITTO is a free online safety magazine from esafety adviser, Alan Mackenzie, aimed at schools, organisations and parents. The content looks at risks, issues, advice and guidance related to keeping children safe online, with a view to enjoying and learning about technology.

You can find the latest edition (October 2018) of #DITTO here


Reminder to parents and children if you have any concerns or worries about anything on the internet - whether it be something you've seen or you feel you're being bullied online, please let us know & we will do our best to help!!!!!