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F1 news!


Every Tuesday morning is 'Reading Morning'

Please come in a share a book with your child.


Every Friday borrow a book and share it with your child at the weekend.



Teddy will be sent home with his diary every Friday.

We have a list so we ensure all children get Teddy for the weekend.

Please encourage your child to draw a picture or try some 'emergent writing' about what teddy got up to!


Mystery guest once a week we will have a mystery guest who will share their talent, interests or a book with the children. If you would like to share a hobbie, interest or read a book to the children speak to Mrs Willcock. 



Spring Term 1


Welcome back 


This half term our new topic is 'Winter Wonderland and Traditional stories'.


We will be looking at seasonal changes and weather.


We will be looking at the stories of The Owl Babies, Penguin small, The three Billy Goats, Goldilocks and The three pigs.

We will be re-telling the stories, sequencing them, creating story maps and even changing their endings!!


We have exciting art activities planned focusing on Winter, seasons, Chinese New Year and valentines.


We shall be going on sensory walks and exploring the environment. We will be visiting the school farm and looking at how to look after the animals and plants. 


We will be doing a open craft afternoon for Chinese New year crafts date to be confirmed.

Thank you for all your continued support, we look forward to and exciting term. 

The Foundation Stage Curriculum 

In the Foundation Stage, your child's learning is guided by the statutory requirements  of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is composed of 7 areas of learning. For further information click on the links below.