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Digital Leaders 2018-2019




Welcome to the Digital Leaders page! Our responsibilities include, online safety around the school, jobs on the Apple Mac's, editing/adding to some new areas of the website, supporting users with new Epassports, reset/change passwords for children that have lost or forgotten theirs (MyMaths, Purple Mash etc) Plan and lead a Computing club at lunchtimes and way much more. A list of the Digital leader can be found below. 


Evelyn (Yr 6) 


Junior (Yr 6)


Aleshia (Yr 6)


Mia (Yr 6)


Michael (Yr 5)


Josh (Yr 6)


Esme (Yr 5)


Harriet (Yr 5)


Hishaam (Yr 5)


Kimberly (Yr 5)


Amaya (Yr 4)


Casey (Yr 4)


Phobe (Yr 4)


Kymahni (Yr 4)


Arron (Yr 4)


Ashton (Yr 4)


Oliver (Yr 4) 


Erica (Yr 6)